Bottom Support Car Parking Shade is latest and modern design of parking shades and it is available in different sizes, colors, and attractive designs. Bottom support parking shades help to protect your vehicles from UV Rays that are very harmful for vehicles wind screens and produce cracks on dashboards. The Structure of Bottom Support shades is very strong against wind load. This Product has great importance to people due to heat of the scorching sun mainly in UAE to protect the car and its body from damage and to decrease the rate of heat inside the car.  Bottom support car parking shade help them to solve all the problems by its shade on the car.

Bottom Support Car Parking Shades are manufactured by the highest-level fabric like PVC, PTFE and HDPE which are very strong against the UV Rays and block the rays and protect the vehicle. Advantages of Bottom Support Shades are:

  • Maintain gloss and shine of vehicle.
  • Protect Wind Screen from Crack.
  • Reduce cracking of win screen.
  • Make your electronics Keep Safe .
  • Reduce Heat in the Car.